‘My Disney-obsessed mum is trying to hijack my wedding and it’s bonkers’

When many people think about their future wedding, they might think of a fairy tale day – something straight out of a Disney princess movie perhaps.

But there’s one groom-to-be out there who really doesn’t want there to be any Disney magic involved in his big day.

The only problem is, that his mum is completely and utterly obsessed with all things to do with the Walt Disney Company.

As such, he claims she’s trying to ‘hijack’ his wedding and has been going behind his back, talking to people about a special Disney ‘surprise’ she’s cooked up for her son and his fiancé – but the two grooms don’t want any part of it.

The story was shared on the Slate.com podcast, Dear Prudence, with Danny M. Lavery.

The son wrote in to the advice column for some help on how to handle his tricky situation. His letter read: “My Disney obsessed mother is trying to hijack my wedding.

“Dear Prudence, my entire life my mother has been captivated by Disney. Our house was decorated from floorboard to rafter with Disney merchandise and our years organised around visits to Disney theme parks.

“I’ve tried to set boundaries when it comes to Disney and for the most part it has worked. But my boyfriend and I recently got engaged. And even though a wedding is still at least a year off, the problems are already starting.”

He went on to say how his mum had always ‘regretted’ not having her own Disney dream wedding, so seemed to be using this as her opportunity to experience one in real life.

Despite making it clear that the wedding won’t be Disney-themed, the man did tell his mum he will let her wear whatever she wants to the big day – even a Tinker Bell costume, if she desires.

It seemed as if things had been settled after that, but then he received an email from a friend ‘warning’ him that his mother had approached them about a surprise.

He said: “Without my knowledge or permission, she asked for help in spreading the word that guests should attend the wedding dressed in elaborate Disney attire.

“She even sent the person a list of suggested characters to choose from. When I asked my father if he knew anything about the scheme, he was vague but said, ‘Your mother just wants her two favorite Prince Charmings to have the most magical day of their lives’.”

Frustrated, the man added: “I don’t want a magical day. I don’t want to be called Prince Charming or to stare out into the crowd and see a bunch of dwarves and princesses staring back at me while I’m trying to get through my vows.”

The podcast hosts described the whole thing as “bonkers” and were quick to point out that if his mum wanted a Disney party so badly, she could have one whenever she wanted – she didn’t need to hijack the wedding.